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Welcome to Princi General Consulting!

We are your strategic partner in the world of international business. With a focus on business consultancy and negotiation intermediation, we offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate the growth and expansion of your company in global markets. From distributing innovative products like Visbody, a Chinese machinery, to sourcing high-quality raw materials from Mexico and Ecuador, such as green coffee, cocoa, and vanilla, as well as managing telecommunication and energy services, we handle all aspects of your international operations.

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Our mission

At Princi General Consulting, our mission is to drive your company's success on an international scale. With a vision focused on sustainable growth and excellence in customer service, we are committed to providing you with strategic and personalized solutions that help you achieve your business objectives in the global landscape.

Highlighted Services:

Business Consultancy:

Our expert consultants bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the table, providing valuable insights and data-driven strategies to enhance your company's performance in the global market.

Negotiation Intermediation:

We act as a bridge between parties, facilitating negotiations and mediating agreements to ensure smooth and mutually beneficial business partnerships.


Executive Coaching and Mentoring:

Elevate your leadership and entrepreneurial skills with our coaching and mentoring program designed to achieve your goals successfully.

Real Estate Investment Management:

Expand your investment opportunities with our specialized team in real estate investment management.

Welcome to our portfolio

showcasing the diverse range of services and projects offered by Princi General Consulting. We take pride in our ability to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in the global market, driven by our dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Excellence in Raw Materials:

We import and distribute premium raw materials, including green coffee, cocoa, and vanilla, sourced from Mexico and Ecuador to meet your business needs.

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Telecommunication and Energy Management:

Optimize your resources with our telecommunication and energy management services, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

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Short and Long-Term Travel Insurance:

Protect your business trips with our customized travel insurance, offering peace of mind and security during your travels.

Student Protect Switzerland

You are a foreign student in Switzerland

and you do not have any income ?

Health care KVG/LAMal compliant

Inpatient Zero deductible

Outpatient €250 deductible

No copayment or extra fees !

Expatriate or Foreign Worker

You are a foreign worker or living abroad and looking for an International Health Insurance for you and your family!

Worldwide Medical Cover for expatriates Schengen compliant

Three insurance plans Unlimited duration Moratorium underwriting Different levels of deductible

Shengen and European products

Business analysis

Contact us today to discuss how our business consultancy and negotiation intermediation services can elevate your company's performance and expand your horizons in the world of international business.

Welcome to the Future of International Business with Princi General Consulting!

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